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13-Nov-2017 00:34

This lip usually signifies where to pry with a case knife.

If a lip is present on the back or the bezel, then it is a "snap-on" and not screwed on.

It is very common to find an expensive solid gold case with a low quality movement inside.

Even more common is finding an inexpensive gold-filled (gold plate) case with a fabulous high quality movement inside.

This is why it is so important to open the case to see what we have.

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They aren't sharp enough to cut you, but are designed with a nice rounded edge that makes opening a case a breeze, and won't damage or scratch the case of the watch. A special adjustable case wrench is required to open this type of case.The companies would supply watches and cases to jewelers who would "custom fit" a watch for each customer. They would spend the extra money to have a solid gold case, but would "cut corners" on the movement to save money.Other customers wanted a reliable quality timepiece.This is a type of case where the back and bezel (which is the metal ring that holds the glass) are simply snapped in place like a Tupperware container. There will be a raised lip indicating where to place a tool for prying, but nothing else. Before putting one of these cases together again, carefully examine the mating surfaces, especially at any "corners." Usually there is a small locating pin, and corresponding hole, to assist in determining the correct rotational position for the back cover.

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Many snap back cased, and wrist watch cases are impossible to open without using a DULL tool.The first step in learning more about your watch, or trying to repair your watch, is to get the darn thing open.

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