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03-Nov-2017 21:19

This doofus Mike doesn’t know who he is or how to convey his true self to all of his possible love interests. So how you attract and engage the right person without sounding like a cliché? Over the past few years, I’ve optimized my dating profiles (as a marketer, optimization is what I do), and I have no problem admitting that these “optimizations” helped me find my girlfriend (whether she likes me admitting that is another story).

Above the fold, which means you can see it without having to scroll down. In my experience, the best subject lines are “Howdy! Ask questions, use numbers, front-load the important words, and keep it short and concise.

If you don't post a photo fit for a fashion magazine, you get overlooked.

Yet most of us aren't fashion models or Hollywood stars.

Or own the fact that you’re a startup and you work hard and play harder. Show the world exactly who your brand is and they’ll love you for it.

At 9pm every night, hundreds of thousands of online daters begin searching the web for their perfect match.

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You learned some specifics and it doesn’t feel like I’m trying to be anyone but me.

Curves is a dating site that promotes real people looking for meaningful relationships.

(If you're interested in casual hook-ups, please look elsewhere.) Curves Connect is for anyone who self-identifies as curvy, plus-size, or having a few extra pounds or curves, and people who don't judge a book by its cover.

Does an orange button work better than a blue button in my email? What should I order at In-N-Out: two double doubles or one 4×4? Is this Tinder profile picture with my family better than me surfing an epic wave in Tahiti? Being an email marketer has taught me one critical thing: you never really know what works best until you test it and prove a rightful winner. The point is that there’s a lot of fish in the vast dating pool and you have to swim to the top to get noticed.

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And over the past three years, I’ve taken my passion for testing optimization and applied it to my dating life. I don’t know what it is, but so many online dating websites (outside of a swiping app like a Tinder) have the most important sections at the bottom of the profile.And if they keep seeing your same profile picture in their search and have shown no interest, they’ll continue to have no interest over time.

In fact, some are claiming the couple are having major issues and that he may have gotten physical with the reality star.… continue reading »

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